I wanted to say Cornerstone and the staff have saved my life. I have been homeless on and off because I am a failed asylum seeker but the staff have been there for me in my darkest hour, helping me keep my dignity, whether it was a shower, clothes – they have helped me with patience and love. If it wasn’t for Cornerstone I wouldn’t be here. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please keep up the good work and God be with you.  Andy


“I am very grateful to all those who, in so many and varied ways, assist in the work of Cornerstone. It is a disgrace that, in our prosperous City of Manchester, with all its wealth and technological advances, there should be the shocking reality of homelessness. Cornerstone is putting the Gospel into action and there is every reason to be proud of its achievements. It provides a community and a friendly welcome together with essential food, clothing and facilities. It restores dignity to people who have been marginalised and forgotten. It is sad that there is a need for such projects and tragic that the need is increasing. Be proud of yourcontribution in making Cornerstone work for others and providing hope.”


The Right Reverend John Stanley Kenneth Arnold

Every member of staff has touched or left a finger print on my life and success. Julie with her kindness, Julian and Howard for their continuous support, the angel Sister Lucy with her love, the friendly Marjorie and Ann with their smiles, and lastly Angela (you can delete letter A at the end) the very hard-working lady, who comes first and leaves last, with her inspiration, selflessness and endless support. They make a proper family that I feel better working with than staying alone at home at weekends.



When I came across Cornerstone. A haven of help and love for all.

Where Marjorie’s Monday morning homily, and Toms rendering of ‘Oh Lord my God’ sets one up for the week. Sr. Lucy, Angela and their host of dedicated staff and voluntary workers do their utmost, and succeed in making everyone, regardless of religion, race, gender etc. feel respected, loved

and welcome. God Bless them all.