Safe Haven Night Shelter

Safe Haven Night Shelter

Cornerstone Safe Haven Night Shelter was born out of the fundraising from the Cornerstone Big Sleep-Out. The project started with three Pods which were donated by Manchester Cabins. Each Pod provides 2 beds and a warm dry safe place to sleep. Over the last three years the Cornerstone Big Sleep-out has raised around £150,000 which has made a huge impact on the service that Cornerstone provides.

We would like to thanks everyone that participated in the Cornerstone Big Sleep-Out over the last three years. With the funds raised Cornerstone has been able to increase the amount of accommodation we can offer to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

We now have 10 Pods situated on the grounds of Cornerstone which accommodate 23 people every night. We have also secured the use of five houses, four loaned from St Vincent’s housing accommodating, on average housing 20 people.

The goal is to work closely with other voluntary organizations and Manchester City Council to help people move onto their own accommodation and make real the city’s Homeless Charter.

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