Homeless people are particularly disadvantaged when it comes to obtaining sight tests, glasses and eye care. They suffer a higher level of eye problems than the general population and 30% of homeless people have never had their eyes tested. We provide glasses free of charge to 1,800 homeless people each year. Of those, only 30% are eligible for NHS funding, so we make up the difference by using volunteers, through gifts in kind and by fundraising.

Homeless people need glasses in order to find accommodation, obtain or retain employment, to help them stay safe and to enjoy everyday activities. Being able to see properly is often important to them picking themselves up again when they are or have been homeless.

We have been associated with Visioncare for the last two years. We have a consulting room and volunteer Optomotrists visit every Monday.  Many of our clients have eye tests and glasses freely distributed and some are amazed at the difference once spectacles are in place. This is a most important service and can help to prevent problems with their eyes as they deteriorate. Often symptoms found that can be treated too. Every Optomotrist that visits us enjoys their visit and seeing the improvements to many. Thank you so much we know our clients are appreciative and it does help to make their lives that bit more bearable.

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