Many of our people come to Cornerstone because they are lonely and need company. This is a most important part of what we do. It is very rewarding to see our service users change because we have helped them in some way and they have befriended someone.

Joyce has been coming into Cornerstone for the last 15 years. When asked what she feels about us, her eyes lit up and she said ‘Fantastic’ and she explained that when she hears all the bad news on the tele it

frightens her, she has to get out to escape

the news. She went on to say “I feel safe and loved in this place, I have a breakfast, chat to people, get some clothing. I don’t have much money but, this helps my budget. I am also deaf and if I have problems with bills the staffs are happy to help me with making phone calls and they usually sort this out for me.”

I couldn’t manage on my own in my home as I became ill and I was offered supported accommodation where I now live. The staff at the home are in touch with Cornerstone and they work together to support me in any way they can. I am content with my situation and thank Cornerstone so much for always being there for me, a lifeline.

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