Sister Lucy Dunne FMSJ – Retirement from Cornerstone Day Centre

Sister Lucy Dunne FMSJ – Retirement from Cornerstone Day Centre
“There are good people who need us. For some of them this is the only family and connection they have. Just taking the time to listen to people is important.” Sr Lucy Dunne.
It is with incredible gratitude that we give thanks for the ministry and work of Sr Lucy Dunne FMSJ who has retired from her role at Cornerstone Day Centre, Hulme, Manchester after over 20 wonderful years of working with people who are homeless, isolated or seeking asylum.
Originally intended as her ‘retirement job’, Sr Lucy has been a guiding light for the mission and delivery of services from the Cornerstone project since 2002. Building on the work of founders Canon Kevin O’Connor and Sister Pauline Gaughan, Sister Lucy became renowned for sharing her time and caring for every person as an individual, reflecting their innate human dignity.
Our team of amazing staff, volunteers and supported have greatly missed Sister’s presence during the pandemic when it was necessary for her to take precautions to shield. However, she has continued to be in touch on a regular basis, encouraging the work and visiting when she can.
Now in her 80’s, Sister Lucy has retired to accommodation within her religious order, the Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph’s, whose particular work focuses on teaching, nursing, social and pastoral work.
While we will miss her daily presence, leadership and good company, we know that Sister Lucy’s legacy lives on in the work that we do. Her spirit and prayers will enable us to thrive in our continuing work.
We will be celebrating Sister’s work on Saturday 27th November at our first Mass to thank volunteers and supporters since the pandemic restrictions began.  Space will be limited, and due to COVID restrictions, we need to know how many people will be in attendance beforehand.  If you wish to join us, please email for details.  Or please contact Mary Scully on 0161 817 2250 if you have no access to email.  Thank you.
Patrick O’Dowd, Director, Caritas Diocese of Salford.
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