Classroom Appeal

Help us to raise £15,000 to build a new classroom and support refugees to enter university!

All donations given will go towards building a new classroom to meet the growing numbers of learners and paying for Maths & English University entry qualifications for 100 asylum seekers and refugees.

Mohammed’s story

“My name is Mohammed and I left my country when I was 16 years old. I have seen so much discrimination, I have seen people killed in front of me, and it has been really difficult for me to be here. When I first came to the U.K I went to Cornerstone, to study English. I have learnt all the English which I speak now. When I improve my English more, my future plan is to be a businessman and have good behaviour with everyone and live with peace. However, I have to do my best to improve to get a good degree in university. After that, I hope to help all people who are suffering in life.”

We know so many others just like Mohammed, each with their own story, who are genuinely and desperately seeking to improve their situation. It is on their behalf, that we are appealing for you to come alongside us in this time of great need.

About the project

Cornerstone  has been supporting homeless people in Manchester for over 25 years and running education courses for asylum seekers and refugees for over a year now. We began with 17 students from Syria and Sudan now have approximately 100 students who attend English, maths and ICT classes. Our classes are led by qualified teachers and lead to certifications that can be used to enter university. Just last September, we had 10 of our students start university courses in architecture, engineering and business.

Over the year, Cornerstone has become more than just a centre where people come for classes; it has become a community and a home for individuals who have had to leave theirs.

We are trying our best to meet the needs of our students  but the growing number of students has led our classrooms to be overcrowded. We do not want to turn away people whose motivation has led them to walk up to two hours back and forth to Cornerstone. What we want, is to support people to rebuild their lives, and regain a future.

Your donations will help turn this aspiration into reality.