Thanks for Donations

Its Harvest time again and we would like to thank all our schools, churches and individuals that make a magnificent effort each year organising all kinds of activities so that they can provide food, clothing, monies etc to help those less advantaged. We at Cornerstone are in awe that year after year (26 years to be precise) so many kind people continue to support us. On behalf of all our people thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We wouldn’t exist without this support, you are all a large part of helping us to provide the services to the homeless and vulnerable. Together we are the ‘Cornerstone.’

Thanks once again to Headteacher Mr Johnson and Chris for bringing a trailer and car full of food, clothing and hats collected from Sacred Heart Junior school. Little Hulton, Bolton. We are speechless and amazed at so very many kind people that support us. They were joined by Luke and Myles who so enthusiastically carried in a rather heavy box, (just look at their faces) then theywalked around our people offering free warm hats knitted by Marilyn Waldner. You can sèe Craig trying a hat on.

These children love to get involved and meeting our people. Your families and school must be so proud of all of you. We are!!! God bless you.