Food Appeal – Our shelves are empty

Sorry folks I’m afraid we are here again with our begging bowl. Our shelves are empty, we are in desperate need of tinned soup or even better dried soup powder and tinned meats i.e anything that would make a dinner for someone i.e sausage and beans, stewing steak, chilli con carne, meat balls etc. We use up to 3 tureens of soup daily and today for instance we gave out 7 food parcels. One food parcel was for a struggling young couple with 3 children so you can imagine how quickly our stock goes down. If you would be willing to be a drop off point that would be an enormous help. We cannot Thank You enough for all your past support and hate to have to keep asking but without your help we cannot continue to help the poor and marginalised of our society.
May you all be truly blessed.