A Wish List – Prayers Answered

A few months ago we were approached by a company called Keepmoat asking if we needed any work doing in our centre. They asked us to make a Wish list!

It seems they heard about us from ‘One Manchester.’ Keepmoat had been offered a contract with them and they then wanted to help a Worthy cause.

Did we need them!!! We certainly had a Wish List.
The showers and toilets were in pretty dire condition and they needed replacing as they are in use 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Our showers weren’t domestic type and they had lasted pretty well for ten years, but, now they were always breaking down, not made for 24 hour use.

We needed electrical work doing in the Pods where our homeless are given a roof over their heads.
Today, six gentlemen came to view our showers and toilets and between these companies they are going to completely refurbish the Ladies and Gents.

We are speechless! Our Wish List will be completed in the not too distant future. We can’t thank these kind people enough.
Take a look at these pictures of the toilets and showers as they look today and WATCH THIS SPACE to see when the refurbishment is complete we will share with you the results.

We thank:
Keepmoat Contractors:
Main Contractor – Tim Hough
Project Manager – Peter Walsh
Organising Refurbishment – Dwayne Taylor

Plumbing: Michael Fraser – Paul Gladhill
Bladen Electrical:
Electrical – Graham Morgan