Larry first came into Cornerstone about twenty years ago when it was at the rear of St Augustine’s church, All Saints.

He used to bring food from his local church. Then we moved to Denmark Road. Larry and his wife Josie started to bring tea and sugar. One day Angela asked Larry if he would like to volunteer. Josie had become very poorly and she is in a care home now. Larry was becoming ill with looking after his beloved wife and it was a difficult decision to place her in a care home.

Larry began volunteering with us and what a volunteer!  We are so blessed to havehim, during this time he has been poorly himself but never complains.

He is our ‘gofa’ an apt name he would approve of with his great sense of humour. A she jokes ‘gofa’ this, ‘gofa’ that.

What would we do without him? He takes turns with other volunteers collecting sandwiches for us donated by Pret A Manger and EAT, also does the Greggs and the Costco run and is willing to help in any way he can. He really is a Godsend!

Larry has gone through much and yet, always has a smile and a joke for us. When Josie was taken in care he was lost and down, coming into Cornerstone has helped him so much. He is needed, it gets him out and he loves meeting people. Thanks so much Larry, you are a star and we love you.