Seamus is a lovely, elderly gentleman who came into Cornerstone for some help a few weeks ago. He is a chronic alcoholic and smoker, and because of his addictions has many ailments that require medication.

When Seamus forgot to send his latest sick note into the Department of Work and Pensions, his benefits were stopped. Seamus was confused and did not know what to do; he couldn’t afford to heat or light his flat and was eating food provided by his neighbours.

Then the worst happened – due to mounting debt, his Housing Association issued a Notice of Possession to evict poor Seamus. This is where Cornerstone came in; Julie, one of our support workers, sat down with a cup of tea and some hot food and had a good chat with him and worked out how Cornerstone could help.

Julie phoned both the Department of Work and Pensions and Manchester City Council and explained the situation. Seamus soon had his benefits reinstated, and backdated, and the Housing Association was advised to halt the Notice of Possession.

Cornerstone’s help will not stop here. We will continue to support Seamus for as long as he needs us, and he regularly comes in with a fistful of paperwork which we are happy to sit down and go through with him to ensure he does not get into a mess again. Seamus is a happy man.

Great work Julie. Seamus was so happy to have a photo with you too; it made his day.

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