Tom is 53 years old. His problem started when he split with his partner and lost his job about four years ago. He receives ESA as he suffers from anxiety, depression and paranoid schizophrenia. He also suffers from angina and vascular disease on his leg.

He was living in Bradford but had to move out because he was bullied. Then he was sectioned to 28 days in Bradford in Lynfield Mount Hospital. He left the hospital and came to Manchester. He wanted to move to Manchester hoping to be with his family here, but he could not live with them because they had small children and had no spare rooms.

He came to Cornerstone in April. We contacted the hospital in Bradford and explained that Tom had turned up in Manchester and was homeless. We worked with the hospital and bought a ticket for him to go back to the hospital.

Three weeks later, he came back to Cornerstone with a tent. When we asked him where he had been sleeping with his tent, he said he had been sleeping on his mother’s grave in the Southern Cemetery. Even though it was safer to be in the cemetery when no one else was around to bother him, he was still very scared. We told Tom he could stay with us at Cornerstone, and got the outreach team involved due to his vulnerability.

Since then, Tom was moved i n to a shared house in the Manchester area and is very happy and comes to Cornerstone for his chat and his lunch.

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