A Big Big Sleep Out Thank You

Well folks we completed our Third Big Sleep Out and what an amazing turnout. It exceeded all our expectations. Over 160 took part and the generosity of all their sponsors has left us speechless. It would be impossible to mention and thank each person individually, but, on behalf of Sr Lucy and all the staff we thank and salute each and every one of you. We thank God we were blessed with a dry and fairly mild night, but, a long night for some who never closed their eyes, although not to be said of all as during the long hours there was an interesting chorus of sound snorers. The following morning there was lots of comments like “Don’t know how the homeless cope.” Another said “I couldn’t do it, I would have to have a drink” and one young man said “The boredom of just lying there being so uncomfortable and just thinking, it must be awful.” These are just a few of the comments, but, I think everyone experienced just a little of what its like to be homeless. We were supplied with luxuries that are not available to the homeless. i.e. use of male and female toilets, hot drinks during the night and sleeping in safe surroundings amongst friends and knowing that it was just for one night. Homeless people mostly live in fear, suffer abuse, violence and are often robbed of their little possessions. Our gratitude to Fr Simon Firth for his continued support, use of the hall and grounds and to the wonderful parishioners of St Ann’s and St Christopher’s who also stayed up all night and looked after us so well. The following morning we were blessed to take part in the celebration of Holy Mass with Bishop John, Fr Simon and Fr Frankie Mulgrew. The perfect end to a long and wonderful night. Once again a million thanks to everyone, the money raised by your efforts will certainly make a huge difference to the lives of our fellow less fortunate brothers and sisters in Christ. The date for next years Big Sleep Out is 27th April 2018 - Look forward to seeing you all again. God’ blessings to each and every one of you

Cornerstone is a day centre providing services to adults facing a wide range of social issues including homelessness, poverty, social isolation, poor mental health, drug and alcohol addiction. We operate an open door policy and welcome people from all backgrounds with our aim being to offer support to our clients, improve their prospects and enhance their quality of life.


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