Join Us For Our 2017 Big Sleep Out

First and most importantly of all, we thank everyone that has been involved in our 2015-2016 Big Sleep Outs. Without your dedication it would not have been possible to give the support to so many homeless people during the last two years. In 2015 we raised a magnificent £47,000 and in 2016 we miraculously raised the same amount. Each sleep out proved to be a fun occasion, enjoyed by all who took part. Bishop John Arnold also enjoyed being with us and is going to join us once again this year. Bishop John will also be asking for sponsors, if you can’t join us for the sleep out, then maybe you will sponsor him!








When we first began the sleep out in 2015 we intended to provide temporary shelter over the winter months. We closed the Pods in March 2016 but due to the increasing demand for beds we had little choice but to decide to reopen in May. As of this time we are still up and running. While the need is still with us we can only continue providing this critical service if we can secure enough funds/donations.
We now have eight Pods on our premises sleeping eighteen people. St Vincent’s housing have loaned us three houses where we have placed thirteen people that were also homeless. In total we accommodate thirty five people that would otherwise be on the streets.  We never imagined that this would be possible and in such a short time.


Many changes have taken place in the services offered.  For those in the Pods we also provide support through our education programme, as well as seeking employment and empowering our people so that they can move on to better things. We are seeing many lives changed, with hope where there was despair. Many that we are supporting have found employment and moved on to further education etc. We go the extra mile in supporting those that are willing to help themselves. And the results are inspiring.

We pray that this year’s Big Sleep Out at St Christopher’s supported by our lovely Fr Simon Firth will be as successful as our last two years.

Without your support none of this would be possible. Please spread the good news and let us work together to bring even more changes to more people. We trust in you and we trust in God and know with you and Him ‘All things are possible’.

We look forward to seeing you on 21st April 2017 at St Christopher’s.
Please share this event with your friends, as we are keen for as many people to take part as possible.

For more details please contact Angela Shannon Tel: 0161 232 8888
To register for the Big Sleep Out: to receive your pack and sponsor form.

Register at JustGiving:

Cornerstone is a day centre providing services to adults facing a wide range of social issues including homelessness, poverty, social isolation, poor mental health, drug and alcohol addiction. We operate an open door policy and welcome people from all backgrounds with our aim being to offer support to our clients, improve their prospects and enhance their quality of life.


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