• A day out with plenty of exercise

    Our gratitude once again to St Kentigerns Primary School for the loan of their minibus which enabled us to take a group out for the day. Although the day was dull and the sun was missing the group set out for the Hayfield district in high spirits. As usual our most capable driver, support worker Howard chauffeured them safely there. Members from St Mary's church walking group met them and accompanied them on the walk, directing them on the most scenic routes and to the best viewing spots. After a 4 mile walk the group returned to St Mary's parish centre where the ladies of the parish has a delicious lunch ready. After all that exercise there was quite a few hungry and raised appetites and the lunch was really appreciated.

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  • Moving on

    St Vincent's Housing Association is working alongside Cornerstone helping with accommodation. Last week we were lucky enough to receive the keys to a 4 bedroom house, which has allowed us to move 4 clients from our Safe Haven night shelter. Each one will have their own bedroom and cupboard to store their food. An organisation called Big Change gave £90 to each client to help fund the purchase of necessary items for the house. Off they went on a big shopping spree to ASDA where they purchased a microwave, toaster, kettle, pots and pans, little Henry vacuum cleaner and food, to list just a few. Cornerstone will continue to monitor and support these clients. The next move for them is to find employment that will hopefully enable them to move into their own accommodation.

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  • Clients Celebrate 25 years of Cornerstone

    Back in 1991, Sr. Pauline Gaughan R.I.P. and Canon O'Connor founded Cornerstone. It started out as a prefab cabin situated at the back of St Augustine's Church, Manchester, in which they just served hot drinks and sandwiches. In 2001 we moved up to Denmark Rd in Moss Side to a much larger building, where we now offer hot food and a huge variety of services to help improve the lives of the vulnerable and needy. Last week there was great excitement at Cornerstone when we celebrated 25 years of rebuilding and enhancing lives. The centre was suitably decorated to mark the occasion. The afternoon started to the sounds of Danny Murphy's disco with the music from the 70's and 80's and the dance floor was full throughout the whole afternoon.

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  • Cornerstone Responds to Emergency Accomodation Needs

    Due to the increasing number of refugees and homeless people needing a safe place to sleep, Cornerstones is responding to the crisis. The Cornerstone team of staff and volunteers are now putting in place more “Pods” for Cornerstone. These bunk-cabins provide safe, temporary accommodation. Cornerstone has three Pods already which were introduced last winter. They provide seven beds. With these new pods this vital service will be able to provide even more desperately needed beds to provide a 'Safe Haven' for the clients. Homeless people benefiting from the safe Haven will be able to access to food, showers and washing facilities.

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  • The Grow Project

    Last year a group from Cornerstone attended a 10 week course. They participated in the Grow Project in the Art Garden, which is at the Whitworth Gallery. They took part in horticultural activities planting and growing herbs that are used in cooking and the manufacturer of cosmetic products. The project was sponsored by "Jo Malone, London," who support the creation of such gardens, involving local people who are experiencing social isolation, or living with mental health.

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  • Home grown onions

    Sr Lucy was delighted today when our allotment workers presented her with a basket of onions. This is the first produce from the allotments and hopefully there will be many more to come. Weeding and tending to the allotments is very time consuming so there was a great sense of pride amongst the workers as they showed off some of their results. Sr Lucy made good use of the onions by using them up in the salads for the buffet on our volunteer's day. Well done guys, all your hard work is starting to pay off now.

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  • Just to say "Thank You" to our volunteers

    Our volunteers play an important part in the daily running of Cornerstone. Without their help, time, and commitment we would not be able to open our doors. Twice a year they are invited to the centre where Fr Tom Mulhearan celebrates Mass followed by the delights of Sr Lucy's cooking. This Saturday the volunteer's enjoyed celebrating the Mass with Fr Tom and found his homily most uplifting and inspiring. Music and singing was lead by Tom Travis who encouraged everyone to sing at their best. Tom leads the music and singing at our prayer group every Monday morning. Afterwards the volunteers enjoyed the buffet and Sr Lucy recieved many compliments about her delicious food.

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  • A Tribute to our Kevin. R.I.P

    We are sad to announce the sudden death of Kevin one of our dear clients R.I.P. He was a huge character and considered Cornerstone to be like his second home. He lived quite a distance away but hail, rain or snow he would travel by train and bus to get to the centre. Kevin always worried about Christmas day, no public transport meant he couldn't get to the centre and he never wanted to spend the day on his own. Staff always made sure Kevin had his Christmas day and dinner with his Cornerstone family by arranging a volunteer to pick him up and drop him home again. This made the Christmas for him.

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Cornerstone is a day centre providing services to adults facing a wide range of social issues including homelessness, poverty, social isolation, poor mental health, drug and alcohol addiction. We operate an open door policy and welcome people from all backgrounds with our aim being to offer support to our clients, improve their prospects and enhance their quality of life.


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