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Safe Haven Night  Shelter
Helping people get of the streets of Manchester
Helping people get of the streets of Manchester
The Cornerstone Family

Welcome to Cornerstone

Who We Help

Cornerstone is a day centre providing services to vulnerable and disadvantaged adults. We help people facing a wide range of social issues. Cornerstone welcomes people from all backgrounds and operates a policy of non-discrimination.

Who We Are

Cornerstone is part of Caritas Diocese of Salford, a registered charity formed to bring together all the work undertaken across the Catholic Diocese of Salford. This organisation is dedicated to helping young people and families in addition to the vulnerable adults served by Cornerstone. Further information on Caritas Diocese of Salford can be found a

Our Aim

Our aim, in its broadest sense, is to provide a service that enhances the quality of life of our clients and bring together people from all backgrounds helping build a better community.

Latest News

Red Ribbon Opening
Wow. At last the day has come! Angela Shannon with Tim Hough from Keepmoat cutting the ribbon on our newly refurbished mens toilets and showers. We are delighted with the results, really didn’t expect them to be this good! Thanks to Mark Mosoph and all that contributed to make this possible. Now the men can
Thanks for Donations
Its Harvest time again and we would like to thank all our schools, churches and individuals that make a magnificent effort each year organising all kinds of activities so that they can provide food, clothing, monies etc to help those less advantaged. We at Cornerstone are in awe that year after year (26 years to
Safe Haven
We were ecstatic this morning for two of our ex Safe Haven guys. Molhan a doctor from Syria who after a life threatening journey two years ago has just received his status. He is a beautiful, gentle young man and now hopefully will have a better and safer life here in the UK. We are
Food Appeal – Our shelves are empty
Sorry folks I’m afraid we are here again with our begging bowl. Our shelves are empty, we are in desperate need of tinned soup or even better dried soup powder and tinned meats i.e anything that would make a dinner for someone i.e sausage and beans, stewing steak, chilli con carne, meat balls etc. We

Cups of Tea Per Year


Pints of Milk Per Day


Bags of Sugar Per Week

Client Stories

Read about how Cornerstone have helped changed peoples lives on a personal level

Tom is 53 years old. His problem started when he split with his partner and
Many of our people come to Cornerstone because they are lonely and need company. This
28 years ago, from a bleak, marginalised, oppressive, corrupt and racially discriminated region I came
Harry first came into Cornerstone two years ago. It was the first time he had

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